Trusted by Professionals: How Top Equestrians Rely on EquiCrown® Compression Wraps for Optimal Horse Leg Health

Trusted by Professionals: How Top Equestrians Rely on EquiCrown® Compression Wraps for Optimal Horse Leg Health

EquiCrown® is a leading provider of high-quality compression bandages for horses, offering unparalleled support and protection for equine athletes. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of EquiCrown® compression bandages, the various types available, and the experiences of renowned equestrians who have incorporated these innovative products into their horse care routines.

Compression Bandages: A Game-Changer for Equine Leg Health

Equine leg health is essential for maintaining peak performance and preventing injuries in sport horses. Compression bandages provide targeted support to tendons and ligaments, reduce swelling, and promote proper circulation.

Key Benefits of Compression Bandages

  1. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Compression bandages help prevent common leg injuries such as windpuffs, tendon strains, and stocking up. They also play a critical role in rehabilitating injured horses, promoting faster recovery and a return to competition.
  2. Trailering and Travel Support: Long journeys can be stressful for horses, causing leg swelling and discomfort. Compression wraps offer much-needed support during transportation, keeping legs cool and protected.
  3. Everyday Training Support: Compression bandages can be used during daily training to provide consistent support and prevent strain on tendons and ligaments.

EquiCrown® Compression Bandages: Types and Applications

EquiCrown® offers two primary types of compression wraps: FITS and ACTIVES. Both are designed to deliver optimal support and leg health benefits.


EquiCrown®FITS compression bandages are designed for overnight use, supporting legs during rest periods and preventing stocking up. These bandages are perfect for older horses with previous injuries, providing targeted support to vulnerable areas.


EquiCrown®ACTIVES compression bandages are ideal for daily training, offering breathable support without overheating the legs. The open weave design ensures proper airflow, keeping legs cool and comfortable during intense workouts.

Professional Equestrians Trust EquiCrown®

Renowned equestrians across various disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, and para-dressage, rely on EquiCrown® compression bandages for their horses' leg health and performance needs.

Ariel Boesener

A dressage rider from Canada, experienced remarkable results when using EquiCrown® bandages on her horse with chronic windpuffs. Within a month, the windpuffs subsided, and her horse's legs remained tighter even without daily bandage usage.

Dani Waldman - Goldstein (Wikipedia)

Competing for Israeli in show jumping, Dani praises EquiCrown® for their superior compression bandages. She has used ACTIVES for rehabilitating a tendon injury and incorporates both ACTIVES and FITS into her horse care routine.

Chris Kappler (Wikipedia)

An Olympic Silver and Gold Medalist and FEI show jumping rider turned coach, based in Pittstown, NJ, has been using EquiCrown® compression products for over 5 years with outstanding results. He appreciates how the bandages fit the horse's legs perfectly with every application, reducing the risk of bandaging errors and potential injuries. The bandages are easy to care for and keep the legs cool, even when he’s coaching in Wellington with the Florida heat. Chris values the advice and service provided by EquiCrown® Canada.

Ben Maher (Wikipedia)

An Olympic Gold Medalist FEI show jumping rider from the United Kingdom, highlights the importance of leg care during travel, stalling, and competitions. Daly Fisher, head groom to Olympian Ben Maher, states that EquiCrown® compression bandages are extremely effective, resulting in no swelling, cool legs, and comfortable horses. This is critical in keeping their horses in top form. Ben and his team extend their sincere thanks to EquiCrown®™ Canada for their onsite consultation.

Dakota Philibert

Based in and competing for Mexico in show jumping, Dakota relies on EquiCrown® FITs and ACTIVES to prevent stocking up and provide support for her horse's previous injury. She appreciates the breathability of ACTIVES during flatwork training, ensuring her horse's legs remain cool.

Andrew Ramsay

An American FEI show jumping rider based in Wellington, FL, has been using EquiCrown® compression bandages since 2015. He finds them quick to apply, and the open weave knit allows the horses' legs to breathe in the humid Florida climate. The bandages are the perfect solution for sensitive modern horses, many of whom dislike traditional stable bandages. Andrew highly recommends contacting EquiCrown® Canada for a personal consultation.

Elle Woolley

A US para-dressage rider based in Florida, uses EquiCrown® compression bandages to maintain her horse's leg health after recovering from a hind leg injury. The anatomical fit and breathability of the bandages have contributed to keeping her horse's legs tighter and healthier.

Francisco Pasquel 

Competing internationally for Mexico as a show jumper, Francisco started using EquiCrown® FITs and ACTIVES on his performance horses and has since expanded the use to more horses in his barn. He appreciates the comfort, support, and coolness these wraps provide, and values the advice and support from EquiCrown® Canada.

Beth Underhill (Wikipedia)

An Olympic Canadian show jumping rider, incorporates EquiCrown® FITs and ACTIVES into her daily leg care routine. She notes that the horse's legs stay cool even in hot climates and commends EquiCrown® Canada for their technical support in maximizing the product's effectiveness.

Lisa Carlsen,

An Olympian and FEI show jumping rider from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, endorses EquiCrown® ACTIVES and FITS as the go-to compression wraps in her barn to ensure her horses' legs are in top condition. She appreciates that the compression is predetermined, accurate, and consistent for every application, which is crucial in a busy barn or at an event when multiple people might be handling the horses. Lisa extends her gratitude to EquiCrown™ Canada for personally addressing her horses' needs.

Gabriela Reutter

Gabi is a show jumper who competes for Chile, and uses EquiCrown® FITs and ACTIVES to address soft tissue inflammation and tendon discomfort in her horses. EquiCrown® has been instrumental in maintaining her horses' peak performance while jumping big courses. The ACTIVES and FITS are integrated into her daily routine to ensure her horses' legs remain in top condition for the show ring. Gabriela appreciates the continuous support and advice from EquiCrown® Canada.

In Conclusion: EquiCrown® Delivers Unmatched Leg Support for Equine Athletes

EquiCrown® compression bandages have proven to be a game-changer for maintaining optimal leg health in equine athletes. With innovative designs tailored to provide targeted support, injury prevention, and rehabilitation, these wraps have become an essential component of horse care routines for numerous professional equestrians worldwide.

By choosing EquiCrown® compression wraps, you are investing in the long-term health and performance of your horse, ensuring they receive the best possible care and support.

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