Enhancing Equine Health and Well-being with EquiCrown™ Bandages: Real-life Success Stories

Importance of Equine Rehabilitation

Equine rehabilitation plays a critical role in maintaining the health and well-being of horses, especially those with injuries or chronic conditions. Proper care and treatment can help horses recover faster, perform better, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

EquiCrown® FIT and ACTIVE Bandages

EquiCrown® FIT and ACTIVE bandages provide targeted compression to support the horse's natural lymphatic system. These bandages are designed to assist in the management and prevention of various equine conditions, such as lymphangitis, arthritis, and stocking up. Here are three cases where EquiCrown® bandages made a significant difference in the lives of horses and their owners.

Cathy & Barry Stevens: Percheron's Lymphangitis Rehabilitation

Challenges Faced

Cathy and Barry Stevens from NS, Canada, faced a daunting challenge when their large Percheron horse experienced two severe episodes of lymphangitis. Despite following veterinary-prescribed treatment plans, the horse's leg remained swollen, resembling a stovepipe, with fluid buildup around the hock and fetlock.

EquiCrown®'s Role in Rehabilitation

Cathy and Barry contacted EquiCrown® Canada, who coached them through a pressure therapy rehabilitation using the FIT and ACTIVE bandages. The results were remarkable: the hock diameter reduced by 6 inches, and the fetlock diameter decreased by 4 inches. Now, the affected leg is only slightly larger than the unaffected one, significantly improving the horse's quality of life.

Jessica Hutton: Managing Arthritis and Stocking Up in a 24-year-old Mare

Arthritis and Stocking Up in Older Horses

Jessica Hutton from Alberta, Canada, has a 24-year-old mare suffering from arthritis. The mare lives in a stall at night and doesn't move as much as she should. This lack of movement, combined with arthritis, causes her legs to stock up, which can be painful and restrict her mobility.

EquiCrown®'s Benefits for Jessica's Mare

Jessica uses EquiCrown® FIT and ACTIVE bandages for all her horses, but especially for her older mare. The bandages help prevent stocking up and keep the mare's legs tight, making her feel more comfortable and mobile.

Dr. JJ Baldwin, DVM: Leg Fitness and Recovery during Travel

Importance of Leg Fitness during Travel

Dr. JJ Baldwin, a National Finals Rodeo (NFR) Pro Barrel Racer and veterinarian from Lufkin,

Texas, understands the importance of leg fitness and recovery during travel. Long hours in a trailer can be taxing on a horse's legs, leading to discomfort, swelling, and even injuries.

EquiCrown® Compression Socks and Hock Wraps

Dr. Baldwin is a firm believer in the benefits of compression for maintaining leg fitness during travel. She relies on EquiCrown® compression bandages and hock bandages to support her horses during transit. These products provide consistent pressure to the legs and joints, promoting healthy circulation and aiding in recovery.

Dr. Baldwin's horses never load into the trailer without their EquiCrown® compression bandages. She also uses the hock compression vandages as part of her aftercare routine, maintaining consistent pressure on the joints to facilitate recovery. The use of EquiCrown® compression bandages contributes to healthier legs, happier horses, and better performance down the road.


The Importance of EquiCrown® in Equine Health

EquiCrown® bandages have proven to be invaluable in supporting the health and well-being of horses dealing with various conditions such as lymphangitis, arthritis, and stocking up. From Cathy and Barry Stevens' Percheron's lymphangitis rehabilitation to Jessica Hutton's management of her mare's arthritis and stocking up, and Dr. JJ Baldwin's emphasis on leg fitness and recovery during travel, EquiCrown® products offer effective solutions to common equine challenges. By incorporating these bandages into their horses' care routines, owners can promote healthier, happier, and more comfortable lives for their equine companions.


  1. What are EquiCrown® FIT and ACTIVE bandages?

EquiCrown® FIT and ACTIVE bandages are compression bandages designed to support a horse's natural lymphatic system and help manage various equine conditions.

  1. How do EquiCrown® bandages help with lymphangitis rehabilitation?

EquiCrown® bandages provide targeted compression, promoting healthy circulation and reducing fluid buildup in the affected areas, as demonstrated by Cathy & Barry Stevens' Percheron horse.

  1. Can EquiCrown® bandages help older horses with arthritis and stocking up?

Yes, EquiCrown® bandages can help manage arthritis and stocking up in older horses, as seen in Jessica Hutton's 24-year-old mare.

  1. Are EquiCrown® compression bandages beneficial for horses during travel?

Yes, EquiCrown® compression bandages and hock bandages help maintain leg fitness during travel, supporting healthy circulation and aiding in recovery, as advocated by Dr. JJ Baldwin.

  1. Can using EquiCrown® products improve a horse's performance and quality of life?

Yes, EquiCrown® products have been shown to improve horses' quality of life and performance by effectively managing and preventing various conditions, leading to healthier, happier, and more comfortable horses.

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