Materials and Care Instructions

EquiCrown® compression bandages are called flat-knitted compression bandages (with seam). They are made from a durable yet soft fabric that your horse will find comfortable to wear.

The optimum stretch properties of the bandage are achieved through the use of elastic fibers (Lycra) double braided with textile yarn, thus avoiding any restriction of the horse's freedom of movement.

In contrast to circular-knitted bandages (without a seam), these flat-knitted bandages are anatomically shaped to suit the features of the horse's leg. When correctly sized, they are therefore characterized by their perfect fit and precise compression pressure and pressure gradient, even in cases of extreme swelling of the extremities.

Thanks to the loose-knit fabric, EquiCrown® compression bandages are permeable to air and moisture, which prevents heat accumulation or sweating under the bandages.

The knitted-in, antibacterial silver threads in EquiCrown® Silver FIT bandages produce an antibacterial effect. This is achieved by knitting in yarns with silver ions. These bandages are also ideal for horses with skin problems.


  • durable
  • won't cut into the leg
  • stretchable in the crosswise and lengthwise direction thanks to the Lycra fibers
  • knitted-in compression gradient
  • uniform pressure distribution
  • massage effect during movement due to the loose-knit fabric
  • breathable, permeable to air and moisture
  • no heat accumulation, no sweating
  • sunfast and ointment proof
  • antibacterial effect from knitted-in silver threads (only for EquiCrown® Silver)
  • washing machine and dryer safe


EquiCrown® FIT
  • 17% Elastane
  • 9% Viscose
  • 74% Polyamide
EquiCrown® FIT Silver
  • 15% Elastane
  • 7% Viscose
  • 65% Polyamide
  • 13% X-Static (83% Polyamide, 17% Silver)


  • if worn on a daily basis, wash the bandage at least 1x per week
  • do up all fasteners and turn inside out before washing
  • remove any hair or coarse dirt before washing and insert in the mesh wash bag provided with your order.
  • wash and dry at 40° C using gentle or delicate cycle
  • do not use any fabric softener
  • do not dry in the sun, on a heater, or with a hair blower
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