Transform Your Horse's Health with EquiCrown® Compression Bandages: Real-life Testimonials and Results


EquiCrown® compression bandages have made a significant difference in the lives of numerous horse owners and their equine companions. In this article, we focus on the real-life experiences and feedback of customers who have witnessed the transformative power of EquiCrown® products on their horses' health and performance.

First Impressions of EquiCrown®

Jessie Goggin from New Zealand has only recently received her EquiCrown® compression bandages but is already loving the results they deliver.

Accelerated Recovery from Traumatic Wound and Swelling

Pat Coulter from Manning, Alberta, Canada shares a remarkable story of a horse with a traumatic wound reaching from the chest back along the inside of the leg that resulted in swelling throughout the horse’s body. After applying EquiCrown® FITS to all four legs, the swelling reduced significantly, and the horse's recovery period was shortened from an expected 3 months to just 1 month. Pat highly recommends EquiCrown® products.

Enhanced Leg Support with EquiCrown® ACTIVES

Lana Smith from Prince George, BC, Canada has been using EquiCrown® ACTIVES for two years as a replacement for traditional wraps. She describes the change as a game changer for her horse's leg support.

Managing Chronic Wind Puffs and Maintaining Leg Health

Ariel Boesener from Wellington, Florida, and Annapolis Valley, NS, Canada has been using EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES for her 14-year-old FEI Junior/Young Rider horse, Winnie Puuh, who had chronic wind puffs in all four legs. After one month of using the products, Winnie's legs improved significantly, and four years later, EquiCrown® compression wraps continue to maintain Winnie's leg health.

Overcoming Lymphangitis and Cellulitis Complications

Anna Marcon from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada shares her story of her 21-year-old Hanoverian TB gelding, Samson, who experienced multiple episodes of lymphangitis with cellulitis complications. After using EquiCrown® Silver FITS, Samson's leg returned to a relatively normal state, and he has been free of major setbacks for four years. Anna is delighted to see Samson recover and is able to ride him again with joy.

Optimal Leg Care during Travel, Stalling, and Competitions

Daly Fisher, head groom to Olympian Ben Maher from the United Kingdom, emphasizes the importance of leg care during travel, stalling, and competitions. EquiCrown® compression bandages have proven to be extremely effective in keeping their horses' legs cool and swelling-free, ensuring their horses remain in top form. Daly Fisher expresses gratitude to EquiCrown® Canada for their onsite consultation.

Recovering from a Traumatic Injury

Cathy Deir shares the story of her 26-year-old thoroughbred mare, Devil, who had an impressive career as a hunter jumper but suffered deep cuts to her left hind leg after being attacked by a wild animal. The injury led to repeated episodes of lymphangitis with cellulitis complications. By using EquiCrown® Silver FITS, Devil's leg reduced in size and regained its tight and healthy appearance in just three months.

Benefits of EquiCrown® Compression Bandages

The testimonials shared in this article highlight some of the many benefits of using EquiCrown® compression bandages for various equine health issues, such as:

  1. Improved leg support and protection
  2. Accelerated recovery from wounds and injuries
  3. Effective management of chronic conditions like wind puffs, lymphangitis, and cellulitis
  4. Enhanced performance during training, competitions, and transportation

Choosing the Right EquiCrown® Product

EquiCrown® offers several products tailored to suit your horse's specific needs:

  1. EquiCrown® Silver: Ideal for dermatitis, cellulitis, lymphangitis or any other conditions with a risk of infection or skin irritation during recovery. 
  2. EquiCrown® ACTIVES: Perfect for managing swelling and maintaining legs, and are amazing for use overnight, during turn out or light exercise. 
  3. EquiCrown® FITS: Designed to help with various health issues, including wind puffs, lymphangitis, and cellulitis complications.

Consult with EquiCrown® Canda for advice on selecting the most suitable product for your horse's needs.


EquiCrown® compression bandages have made a remarkable difference in the lives of many horse owners and their equine companions. The real-life testimonials shared in this article demonstrate the transformative power of EquiCrown® products in improving and maintaining the health and performance of horses. Consider trying EquiCrown® compression bandages for your horse and experience the benefits firsthand.

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