A Revolutionary Solution for Post-Competition Horse Leg Care

A Revolutionary Solution for Post-Competition Horse Leg Care

Horse care is a crucial aspect of equine sports and competition, with leg care being of utmost importance. In this article, we discuss the benefits and applications of EquiCrown ACTIVES and FITS for post-competition leg care, and explore real-life testimonials from users who have seen remarkable results with their horses.

The Need for Post Competition Leg Care

Horse legs are subjected to stress and strain during competition, resulting in inflammation and discomfort. To ensure a quick and healthy recovery, it is essential to have an effective post-competition leg care routine in place. Traditional methods like ice boots can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for horses, prompting the need for an alternative solution.



EquiCrown ACTIVES provide targeted compression, improving circulation, reducing swelling, and promoting faster recovery. They are a convenient and comfortable alternative to ice boots, offering superior results without causing irritation or distress to the horse.


EquiCrown ACTIVES are easy to apply and adjust, making them an ideal choice for on-the-go horse care. Their design allows for a secure and comfortable fit, enabling horses to relax and recover without any issues.

EquiCrown FITS


EquiCrown FITS offer exceptional support and compression while remaining breathable and comfortable. They help combat the effects of stress, travel, training, and environmental factors on the horse's legs, ensuring optimal health and performance.


EquiCrown FITS can be used regularly and systematically to provide the necessary support and protection for a horse's legs, allowing them to continue competing at the highest level.

Case Studies

Deerpath Equestrian

Deerpath Equestrian has successfully used EquiCrown ACTIVES and FITS on their 5* show jumpers, Carollo and Cosmona. These products have allowed the horses to compete internationally, and put riders on the podium. The support from EquiCrown Canada has been invaluable.

Jaydan Stettner

Jaydan Stettner has been using EquiCrown bandages for show recovery and wind puff management. The bandages have proven to be a time-saving and effective solution, and Jaydan plans to continue using them for all her horses.

Raney Fichtner

Raney Fichtner has experienced a 50% reduction in her horse Josie's wind puff using EquiCrown bandages. She uses them for added support during hard rides and stopping lessons, and Josie

seems comfortable wearing them. EquiCrown Canada played a significant role in ensuring the correct size and product were used, making Raney an advocate for the brand on the west coast.

Robbie Davis

Robbie Davis used ACTIVE compression bandages on his thoroughbred, Dublin Green, who experienced increased confidence and performance. After using EquiCrown products, Dublin Green won a race by 8 lengths, showcasing the effectiveness of the bandages. Robbie is now a firm believer in EquiCrown.

Sandy Erker Teppan

After one of Sandy's horses suffered a Deep Digital Flexor Tendon (DDFT) injury, EquiCrown ACTIVES were recommended for support and swelling reduction. The horse's recovery has been slow but successful, with Sandy expressing gratitude for EquiCrown Canada's advice and product quality.

Dr. James Brown

Dr. James Brown used EquiCrown FIT Silver in a post-operative bandaging situation and found it highly effective. The product controlled edema and kept the leg cool, making it a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional bandaging methods.

Jessi Jensen

As an equine massage and rehab therapist, Jessi Jensen has found EquiCrown to be a game-changer for wrapping legs. The products offer support, promote blood flow, and eliminate heat build-up, making them an invaluable addition to her practice.


EquiCrown ACTIVES and FITS provide an innovative and effective solution for post-competition horse leg care. With numerous success stories, these products offer a convenient, comfortable, and efficient way to manage leg health and ensure optimal performance. EquiCrown Canada's support and guidance make it an invaluable resource for equestrians seeking top-quality products and advice.


What makes EquiCrown ACTIVES different from traditional ice boots?

  • EquiCrown ACTIVES provide targeted compression without causing discomfort or irritation to the horse, unlike ice boots that can be cold and uncomfortable.

    Can EquiCrown products be used on horses with pre-existing leg conditions?

    • Yes, EquiCrown products can be used to manage and support horses with pre-existing leg conditions, but always consult a veterinarian or EquiCrown Canada for specific recommendations.

      How do I know which EquiCrown product is right for my horse?

      • Consulting with EquiCrown Canada is the best way to determine which product is most suitable for your horse's needs, based on their specific condition and requirements.

        Are EquiCrown products easy to apply and adjust?

        • Yes, EquiCrown products are designed for ease of application and adjustability, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your horse.

          Can EquiCrown products be used during training and competition?

          • While EquiCrown products are primarily designed for post-competition recovery, some users have experienced improved performance when using the products during training and competition. Consult with EquiCrown Canada for guidance on proper use in these situations.
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