A replacement for traditional polo wraps


Replaces a tradition standing or stable wrap


Replaces a tradition standing or stable wrap

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Having been the leading provider of horse compression therapy solutions for more than ten years, EquiCrown® Canada is passionately committed to service and product excellence. This dedication remains the cornerstone of our operations.

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At EquiCrown® Canada, we focus on providing a tailored compression therapy solution for your horse. Benefit from our personalized guidance and attention to detail, ensuring optimal care for your equine friend.

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Satisfied EquiCrown customers

We take care of more than 4,000 horse legs every year!

Tonia Clark

Equicrown Silvers brought peace of mind when using as a preventative for our geldings lymphangitis flair ups. Before the silvers he would suffer episodes about 3 times per year. He wore them every night to ensure circulation to keep his legs healthy so he could continue to perform and compete! Definitely highly recommend this great product! Always great knowledgeable service!

Karen V

Great product! Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable. My horse has been using these for 2 weeks now and I am impressed with how much they have helped in a short period of time. The have drastically reduced swelling in a matter of hours and after a couple days even notice she was moving better. She had a small old scar that had a hard lump on outside of leg, even that has gone down! Whether it for dealing with current leg swelling or prevention these are fantastic. Easy to use. I recommend speaking with EquiCrown Canada before purchasing to ensure you are buying the right product and the right size.

Allison F

Highly recommend the Equicrown Fit Compression Socks!! My mare unfortunately has lymphangitis however these bandages have been a lifesaver. She stocks up A LOT if she needs to be stalled or isn’t moving around. The bandages have helped so much that if she is stalled with the bandages, there is very little swelling the next morning. They are very easy to use and breathable so no issues come summer.

Donna was a pleasure to work with and made my experience A+. She helped ensure I took the proper steps to get the correct size for my mare and has always responded quickly to any questions I had. Thank you!

Canadian Horse Journal

Based on my positive experience with EquiCrown® bandages, I will definitely continue to using them for support and protection for my horses.

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