Areas of Application


  • preventative support against injuries for maintaining healthy horse legs
  • horses prone to stocking up when stalled, stall-rest, trailering
  • lymph disorders - horse lymphangitis, horse lymphoma treatment
  • horse laminitis treatment
  • horse cellulitis treatment
  • to support lymphatic flow and blood circulation
  • treatment of horse swollen leg, fetlock, pastern  
  • soft windpuffs treatment (not yet hardened)
  • postoperatively, to avoid swelling (e.g. after operative treatment of the plantar annular ligament)
  • for postoperative wound care (e.g. after an arthroscopy)
  • postoperative or post-traumatic swelling
  • treatment for horse injuries (e.g. suspensory ligament, tendon injuries, etc.)
  • wound and scar treatment
  • as support when resuming exercise/work (after operations, immobilization, etc.)
  • (recent) ganglions (digital tendon sheath)
  • following exertion and overexertion
  • as a prophylactic (e.g. during training)
  • for long transports
  • Chronic edema of both hind legs


    Please ensure that you apply the bandage carefully and correctly as per the Instructions for Use. This is the only way to guarantee the efficacy of the compression pressure without inadvertently causing damage through the application of pressure to incorrect areas of the leg. The incorporation of hooks/eyes for the FITS and a zipper/velcro fastener for the ACTIVES ensures that no localized pressure points are created. Because the precisely defined compression pressure of the bandage is essential for achieving healing results, incorrect application of the bandage (i.e. by not following the Instructions for Use) can lead to coat discolouration, skin irritation or open wounds on the horse's leg.